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Who is the hottest member of Led Zep?


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  1. 1. Who is the hottest member of Led Zep?

    • Jimmy Page
    • Robert Plant
    • John Paul Jones
    • John Bonham

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Nay! Richie Cole was way hotter. :P

No, seriously: when you watch the pic below, you'll understand my point of view:


To say it with Robert's words (who's also hot, won't deny that) JIMMY OH JIMMY

No.. BP Fallon is more fun than Richard Cole. He was also cute when he was young.


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I was smitten by Robert Plant when I was a teenager.

I was was mearly puppy love.

I seen Page/Plant in concert in the 90's and the scales fell from my eyes.

My true love is Jimmy Page.


He's still hot because he's fucking Jimmy Page.


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Gimme a decade and I'll give you an answer! What year are we talking about? 1977 or 2007? I ask this because I remember having pictures of them on my walls in the days of my youth from the '70s, back when they were hot n' sexy. Today I have pictures of them on my walls, in their recent ages, because I admire them more for their music than their looks.

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Depends on my mood :P

When I feel antagonistic it's Percy

When I feel weird/spacey it's Pagey

When I feel geeky/dorky/silly it's Jonesy

When I can't take any more crap it's Bonzo

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It's always been Robert and Jimmy. It's always been 50/50.

I started out Jimmy obsessed and then moved to Robert.

I think that Robert was hotter. He had the better body, he was sexier, more charisma and personality. On the other hand, Jimmy was prettier (better features...very angelic) seemed quiet and shy and overall more mysterious. They are both equally 'hot' for different reasons. I still can't pick one over the other. :D

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This thread is funny. I'm probably one of the only men to post in here but hey I can handle that. :P

As my wife once said when I turned on the Zeppelin DVD that she bought me for Christmas... "Who the hell is THAT?"

That's Robert Plant... lead singer.

"He's hot!"

Yeah, that's what all the girls say. :lol:

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