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Who is the hottest member of Led Zep?



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  1. 1. Who is the hottest member of Led Zep?

    • Jimmy Page
    • Robert Plant
    • John Paul Jones
    • John Bonham

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Jimmy he is the first and always be my hubbie :love: I love Jimmy with a passion I mean who wouldn't fall in love with him? His black hair made me start liking him I just love his long black hair and his different hairstyles are so cool and amazing. His eyes are very exotic and he's a guitarist a mysterious dark guitarist which makes him even sexier. I got to admit a couple of times Rob does look hotter than Jimmy I think it depends on different pics those two together. I like the 1969-1973 Robert I like his hair when it wasn't too long like the BBC 1969 black and white performance or the Royal Albert Hall. Rob looks so good with beard as for Jimmy he looks masculine and macho when he had his full beard. Idk why all 3 of them grew beard at the same time....I guess is because Bonzo refuse to shave his stache off. lol

I think some girls will choose Rob because of his body he does have amazing body and his curly blonde hair must of drive chicks nuts back in the days. But I'm a Pagette I want to marry Jimmy but I know it will never happened. lol I love Jimmy because I heard women who likes Jimmy more is because he looks cooler and his a guitarist and his mysterious dark image and also his exotic features makes girls go crazy and so is his bad boy image. biggrin.gif I love guys with a bad boy look. :faints:

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Hot in what way? Are we talking purely looks or are we factoring other things in there as well? Because while both Jimmy and Robert were good-looking men, their off-stage behavior makes them completely unattractive to me in a way.

I'd rather hang out with Jonesy. *shrugs*

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(I even dreamed about him once :unsure: or twice )

I dreamed about him like 5 times... (or more...) and I wrote the dreams down so as not to forget them :rolleyes:

anyways I voted....


the Golden Angel of course, who else? ;)

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I voted for Robert of course. The others are kinda hot as well, but Robert just does it for me..When he does his harmonica solos I just wanna be saved..My young soul should not be violated like that :faint1: . I don't care about their off-stage antics, Robert is hot, at whatever age. Period.

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