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Check out our version of the Rover

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I play drums in a classic rock band called "Legacy"

We do a lot of Zep covers:

In my time of dying

The Rover

Sick Again


Custard Pie

and many more...

If you would like to hear "The Rover" go to:




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Nicely done! I particularly liked the bass guitar sound. Nice and aggressive! Do you have any live stuff? :beer:

Thank you Evster!

We recorded those songs live, but in a studio environment...it's the way to go.

We were all isolated, except for the guitarist and me(he's a lefty BTW)same room as the drums, but his 69' marshall head and cab were miked up in isolation room. That marshall head! What a sound.

More songs to be added, ZEP off course!



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Sounds like a very punchy P-bass tone on that.

It's a Vintage Ampeg SVT...the head weighs 85 lbs! and an old beat up wood cab that we call "The Fridgerator"

It cuts threw! thats for sure.

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The solo was really good - The Rover is one of my favorite solos.

great job.

edit - nice job on Adam's Apple solo, too - very underrated Aerosmith song.

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Great version. Well done, all around. Very tight.

Thanks Everyone!

We/I kinda speeded up everything(they always f$!%#&! blame it on the drummer :rolleyes:) Paranoid and the Rover I think are the best ones out of the five.

Like dear in headlights, our first time in a real recording studio. :blink:

We'll slow it down next time.

Happy belated BONHAM!

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  • 9 months later...

The singer nails it ! Very Nice !

The drums are mixed to prevelant.

They're just too up front.

Was that intentional ?

Zeppelin is a BIG sound, but with the guitar preeminent, and not "equal" with the percussion... that rubs me the wrong way, no matter how fine the guitaring ... or, the drumming is!

That's how I feel about it.

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