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Things To Do Before You Die

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I think we covered this one recently? Anyway - two asian nurses, it never changes for me...

been there, done that... :lol: ...actually i was hoping to hear things that people have done/seen that was so spectacular that they think everyone else should do/see...

one obvious one for me was seeing zep live(highly recommended) B) ...and another was flying a helicopter...i've only done it once but i tell you i was walking on air for a week after that one...

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Mine is more like the book "1,000 Places to See Before You Die", and would include the 950+ I haven't seen yet :lol: (I don't feel compelled to bunjee jump or anything like that!)

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I, hopefully, have many years in front of me, seeing as I'm not even in school. One thing I would reccommend is going to this town in Ohio called Silver Springs and going to a part of town called the Village. It's lined with all these music stores that sell vinyl, insense, hippie clothing, old books, etc. It's a really neat thing to do. The people are friendly, and you wouldn't know it was modern day if it weren't for the cars. Most people walk or ride bikes. It was very refreshing and beautiful there.

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Awww damn. I knew you were participating in Jihad, but I didn't think you would take it this far. :(

Please don't do it!

lol...Drunk is being facetious!

I would like to do simple things. I don't need to live dangerously. Lay on more beaches, hike in more mountains, swim in more of the Florida Bay (actually i prefer the Gulf Of Mexico)...watch more sunsets, have romantic seafood dinners by the ocean...bird watch...plant a new garden (it's been too long)...decorate a new house...send my daughter to Medical School...make love...

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actually i was hoping to hear things that people have done/seen that was so spectacular that they think everyone else should do/see...

Well, I've been to Colorado and the surrounding states many times. It's an amazing area, with mountains, glaciers, canyons, sandstone formations, forests, clear lakes, roaring rivers, hot springs, ghost towns, abondoned mines, quaint towns, farm land, cougar dens, horse riding, chuck wagon dinners, dogsledding, snow mobiling, cog trains, rafting, hiking, and of course - Redrocks amphitheater. That's just what I did there. You could also go skiing, fishing, hang gliding, balloning, etc... You name it, it's there - and the weather is always perfect!

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i need some new ideas before i kick the bucket...

This won't help you with new ideas marolyn but it may encourage you to try something you think you can't do. Since I was a teenager (long time ago) my first bucket list item was to see Zep in concert. Never happened, boo hoo, but I still have a glimmer of hope. The second item was (don't laugh) to learn to ride a bicycle. I grew up on a farm with no neighbors, no paved streets, etc and thus no incentive to learn when I was a kid. Finally learned at 46 years old! It was an exhilerating feeling, all those years of shame & embarrassment of not knowing melted away, and it gave me a sense of accomplishment like if I can do that I can do anything! (childbirth gives you that sense too, LOL) It's never too late to learn something new.

I can teach you to knit Dzldoc. ;):D

travel australia/new zealand

attend the oscars

see my kids mature into happy adults (this one should be first)

I read that wrong and thought it said "astral travel" which is another thing I'd like to do before I die. Or after is fine too.

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I'd like to visit the Pacific WW2 battlefields: Guadalcanal, Tarawa, Iwo Jima, etc.

I'd like to meet John Williams and Julian Bream (classical guitar players)

I'd like to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and visit the Chrysler Building

Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower

Fish in Belize

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All I do I will do before I die. Going to build a nice little family and travel quite a bit. I am good at teaching so I will teach a new soul to carry it forward :)

Kids inspire me and make me laugh.

Anyone remember laughter?

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