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Tour Rumors rise and fall

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This is another article I picked up on from a local radio station. Take it for what it's worth..."and the wheel rolls on"... - I don't believe this could happen in a million years, even if they did tour..I find it a bit funny, but you can be the judge....enjoy

Led Zeppelin Tour Rumors Rise And Fall Again

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Led Zeppelin Ringtones

It started again last weekend with a report that Whitesnake’s David Coverdale was making comments that suggested his group would be joining Led Zeppelin on a world tour.

Coverdale reportedly told the U.K.’s Daily Mirror newspaper that he was expecting a call from Jimmy Page and was anxious to accept an invitation to join the legendary group for their world tour.

Needless to say, the alleged comments by Coverdale set off another round of Led Zeppelin tour rumors that appeared in various other publications and web sites. It was reported that the group was planning a $500 Million world tour.

As it goes with most of these Led Zeppelin rumors, the man who allegedly started the rumor, David Coverdale of Whitesnake, was denying a few days later that he said anything about touring with Led Zeppelin. In fact, it appears that there is some bad blood between Coverdale and Robert Plant, which Coverdale points to as evidence that this latest rumor is just as bogus as all the others that have surfaced since December when Led Zeppelin performed at London’s O2 Arena.

Coverdale also points out that Whitesnake is already busy with their “Good To Be Bad” world tour and has no plans to be supporting Led Zeppelin on a world tour

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