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Led Zeppelin in London


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Would like to know if there are any special Led Zeppelin locations in London, because we will make a classtrip to Hastings, and we´re also going to spend a day in London. If you know a place to visit to catch a bit of Led Zepelin`s spirit, just post it here. Please.


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"I've been to London, seen seven wonders, I know "to trip" is just to fall..."

Royal Albert Hall is across the street from, I believe, Hyde Park. Beautiful campus.

Not too far from there is Jimmy Page's Tower House, I think his most recent London residency. I know you will be cool and leave him alone (if he is not down in Brazil with his family, tho it's autumn down there).

There's the 02 Arena, site of the recent reunion.

The old Swan Song offices on Kings Road?

The Lyceum Theatre.

I'm not sure how many of their old studio haunts are still around (Olympia, Island, etc.). Nor the old record store's basement on Gerard Street where the band first practiced together in 1968.

I'm sure I'm forgetting many more, as I don't live in "New Albion."

BTW, I'd check out Abbey Road Studios, too, as four VERY famous lads from Liverpool who recorded almost every song they ever released there (their name rhymes with EATLES). At the nearest intersection to the studio is where the Beatles took the Abbey Road record's album cover. Pink Floyd recorded Dark Side of the Moon there, as well.

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