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Studio Zep vs Live Zep


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It strange how we all have our favotrites. when it comes to the songs.

I love MMH but I don't like it live. ALS sounds great in the studio and live. I like SRTS better live. I like BD better in the studio.

Do any of you feel that way. A lot of HOTH sound better live. HeartBreaker is good both ways. WIAWSNB sounds better up tempo than the slow studio version. All the coustic stuff sounds better live.

Getting back to MMH why does it sound so sloppy live. I just dont' like MMH live for some reason, and I can't comprehend it.


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Perhaps you don't like it because it doesn't sound as full as the studio version. At least that's my opinion. Here are some others that I think:

Better Live

Dancing Days

Thank You

Celebration Day

The Ocean

No Quarter

Sick Again

Immigrant Song

Better Studio

Black Dog

White Summer/Black Mountain Side


Over the Hills and Far Away

In the Evening

Ten Years Gone

Better Post Zeppelin

That's the Way (Page/Plant)

Your Time is Gonna Come (Page/Black Crowes arrangement)

Babe I'm Gonna Leave You (Plant/SS arrangement)

Night Flight (Page/Plant '98)

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