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Weirdest Thing You Believe


Weird Topics You Believe  

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  1. 1. What weird stuff do you believe in?

    • Aliens
    • Shadow Government
    • Your Vote Doesn't Count
    • Worldwide Conspiricies
    • Bigfoot
    • Vampires, Werewolves, Goatmen, Monsters
    • Underground Bases & Tunnels
    • Secret Space Programs, Fake Moon Landing, ect
    • Secret Agenda Of The HAARP Program
    • Free Energy
    • Uncles Sam's HUGE Nipples
    • Hillary Clinton Is Bad
  2. 2. What else do you believe?

    • Barack Obama Is Bad
    • John McCain Is Bad
    • Loch Ness / Champ Creatures
    • Illuminati / Freemason Agendas
    • Sacred Geometry
    • Sympathetic Vibration
    • Time Travel
    • Levitation
    • Archeological Secrets
    • Mind Control / MK Ultra
    • Hollow Earth
    • EOW 2012

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Can't vote on your subcategory. I get an error message. :unsure:

My handle is Evster2012. Draw your own conclusions! :lol:

Annunakki? Zecharia Sitchen? Aliens hybridizing the upright walking monkey, creating a laborer? Pre-biblical Noah stories (Utnapishtim)? Gilgamesh? Mayan Long Count Calendar? I'm your guy! :beer:


Wow. All of a sudden I see you in a different light, Ev...

... but to answer the question, in the immortal words of John Entwistle, I believe in everything. Particularly that the government is not to be trusted.

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I believe that France's President Nicolas Sarkosy is the antichrist predicted in Hebrew and Chrisitian scriptures.


I don't think he's the antichrist. One of Devil's devotee for sure.

I believe in Ghosts, reincarnation, Karma, some sort of alien, in some kind of conspiracy on a couple of subjects and I believe in other various things.

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Back in 2000, June I was getting ready to go to work at Andrews AFB, MD. I was putting on my boots and I heard my daughter screaming down at the little creek behind our house in Landover, MD, off route 214, right next to FedEx Field. I ran out the back and found my daughter sitting IN THE Creek crying. I asked what was wrong but she could only point down the creek.

I brought her up to the house and finally got her to speak. Long story short; it was a creature that was half-man/half-goat! Lower half goat w/ backwards knees, hooves, ect. Upper half mannish, hands five fingered, chest, but with the head of a goat with ram style horns (circular). She drew us a picture.

I didn't know what to say, and my duaghter had been raised around every kinda of animal and been hunting with me and knows animals. I went back down to the creek and found a broken trail of undergrowth and I heard dogs barking up the creek a few hundred yards. I NEVER saw anything, except I came up to a little spot where a burrowing animal had dug out some critter-hole. Where the dirt was pushed back was a huge cloven hoof print in the dirt. As big as an Elk print, and I know my animals. I got a little nervous at that point.

I came back to the house and went to work and didn't know what to think. I told some very close buddies about it but didn't want to go to my boss because of the high clearance I had. It was a long night and I got home and simply Google'd the only thing I could label it. "Goat Man" to my shock the first hit was "The Legend of Goatman, Prince George's County Maryland" I was blown away. It had stories dating back to the 1930's and a crapload of sightings along Lottsford Road and the same creek that runs all the way out by Bowie, Md.

Me and my wife were floored, because our daughter hadn't been on the web, or even heard of such a thing. And the damned hoof print was enough for me! We had whitetail deer around that area, but their tracks are max 3 inches across, this track was about 6 in wide and 9 inches long. I kick myself in the ass for not getting a picture but I was starting to run late for work and I was a little bewildered.

We had a lot of other weird stuff happen out there too, like the night of Sept 10 2001, but I'll save that for later. :blink:

Repost/// <_<

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