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David Bowie Resurrects Ziggy Stardust

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David Bowie Resurrects Ziggy Stardust With Vintage Live LP


A recording of a legendary 1972 David Bowie show will be released by Virgin on CD and double vinyl on July 8.

David Bowie, Live Santa Monica '72 was recorded at Bowie's Oct. 20, 1972 show at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. The concert was part of his first U.S. tour during his Ziggy Stardust period. It was originally recorded for an FM radio broadcast, which was later bootlegged as Santa Monica '72. It went on to become one of the most popular bootlegs of all time. Santa Monica '72 was originally released on CD in 1995 through Griffin Records.

"I can tell that I'm totally into being Ziggy by this stage of our touring," says Bowie. "It's no longer an act; I am him.

"This would be around the 10th American show for us, and you can hear that we are all pretty high on ourselves. We train wreck a couple things, I miss some words and sometimes you wouldn't know that pianist Mike Garson was on stage with us, but overall I really treasure this bootleg. [Guitarist] Mick Ronson is at his blistering best."

Despite Bowie's self-deprecating remarks, the 1972 Santa Monica appearance has long been considered a classic among fans. Bowie arrived on this side of the Atlantic in September 1972 for his first U.S. tour. Although he wasn't as well known in North America as he was at home in the U.K., his shows began to sell out and demand for the Oct. 20 Santa Monica show — the tour's final stop — was so large that organizers added a second date the next day. The band featured Bowie, Garson, Ronson, bassist Trevor Bolder and drummer Woody Woodmansey.

Here are the tracks on David Bowie, Live Santa Monica '72:

* "Introduction"

* "Hang On To Yourself"

* "Ziggy Stardust"

* "Changes"

* "The Supermen"

* "Life On Mars?"

* "Five Years"

* "Space Oddity"

* "Andy Warhol"

* "My Death"

* "The Width Of A Circle"

* "Queen Bitch"

* "Moonage Daydream"

* "John, I'm Only Dancing"

* "I'm Waiting For The Man"

* "The Jean Genie"

* "Suffragette City"

* "Rock 'N' Roll Suicide"

—Kate Harper

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This has been on CD before. Not sure how legitimately but I have a copy. The playing is definitely hit and miss. It would probably go over better on video because I'm sure there were plenty of entertaining theatrics going on.

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I actually went and dug out my cd of this show...yes, it was put out

by Griffin Music and there is "A Mainman Production" credit on the back.

"David Bowie Santa Monica '72"

The cd catalogue number is GCD-392-2 and it was released in 1995 with

the entire show on just a single cd; total time is 76:39.

I paid around $10 or $12 for mine back then when it came out....for

comparison's sake, the ticket to the actual concert was only $6.50.

Sound isn't perfect...about your average FM radio broadcast quality...the

interesting part is hearing B. Mitchell Reed doing the intro; he was a famous

LA FM DJ of the 70's. I can't remember if I listened to the radio broadcast

of the show or not.

On a personal note, I saw the second night's show at the Santa Monica Civic,

as that was on a Saturday, and therefore my parents were cooler about me

going...to try to go on Friday with school and rush-hour traffic on the 405(we

were living in Costa Mesa at the time) would have been too much of a time


Going to the second show meant I had more time to get dressed for the show...

I had my friend's older sister do my hair and makeup...and no traffic to worry


All in all, even though the Civic didn't seem totally sold out, I think we got the

better of the 2 shows. Mick seems a little restrained in parts on the cd of the

first night...like on Moonage Daydream, he cuts his solo a little shorter than

what I remember from the second night's show and from the 1973 shows.

Anyway, the article didn't mention if the sound has been improved from the

1995 cd release or if it is the same quality, so I don't know if I will bother

buying it since I already have the cd.

I might get it on vinyl, though, just to have it in my collection.

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Was it realeased before? I have it in mp3 but thought it was a bootleg. It was a good show, but I think I prefer the show from Ziggy Stardust (Motion Picture Soundtrack).

Yes, as stated earlier it did gain an official release some years back. I seem to recall that Bowie (or whoever was representing him at the time) had it withdrawn fairly quickly.

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