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To the Guy at the NYC Paper


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In todays daily news the writer seems to sum up the reasoning behind raising sand .It is all about the cd sales it made. Listen up, Robert Plant and all the artist on raising sand are talented I said so else where . Fact of the matter is alisons been out there along time and bluegrass ,folk of many lands way be for her so its raising sand, Or the fact that Robert Plant is up front in raising sand that is now why it made such high sales acclaim critical or otherwise. Anyhow , Jimmy Page along long time ago heard Robert and put him in his Band that was to be called " LED ZEPPELIN" which sold more then alison krauss, tbone or raising sand. This is crazy why should I have to point out the correct account of what has and is really going on.No Led Zeppelin ,no Robert Plant solo career ,no raising sand . Roberts extreme FAME happened when he played with Led Zeppelin and that is a FACT of history. Regardless of why he likes to sing what, he has more fans of his Led Zeppelin period.To dish them is unacceptable so is having a Main Muse Mothership for 40 something years Making a hell of a lot of money and Not Paying Cristina Suzan Phelps back. Thats what will begin to BRING THE BALANCE BACK ! Go on alison sing it tonight all full of vain pride and lustful greed . Mean while MR.Plant you owe a debt and the balance is way past due , The Noble Prince Charles just paid on One , KNOW ITS YOUR TURN.

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