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Open Letter to Jimmy Page

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I'm sure you don't remember me, but we met once. It was 1986 or 85 I think...the first "The Firm" tour in Atlanta concert. I was 18 then and was thinking of buying a guitar and asked you which you thought was better: The Gibson or the Fender.

You said, "Buy the Fender. Because you can make a Fender sound like a Gibson, but there's no way you can make a Gibson sound like a Fender."

And you walked away.

Going on 25 years later, I'm now 40. My first guitar was a Fender Strat. My second was a Fender 12 string accoustic-electric. I just bought a Gibson.

You know Mr. Page, you were right...except for one small point: There's just something about NOT having a tremelo and NOT having a floating bridge. How you did what you did on that Gibson all those years is beyond me.

Thank you so much for not only your advice back then, but all the music you've given us all.


Tom Owens

p.s. Get the Led out (pun intended) and do the world tour...but for God's sake, come to Atlanta. You'll sell out 5 shows in 30 minutes or less here. I can promise you that!

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