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Zeps Musical Persona vs thier real life Persona


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When I was jamming on Sax a while back. My brother and a friend and different times said that my sax and my personality were consistant. My sound is a happy funky James Brown sound.

So do you all think that when you hear Zep play thier instruments vs how you have seen/heard them in thier various news/radio/internet sound bites. Do you see the connection.

When I see JPJ in any interview. He seems deep but light hearted. So when I hear him on his bass. I can tell thats him or a least my perception of him. He is not showy at all. More understated. Like if he was a warrior he would rather out think you, than get his hand dirty.

JP to me is like some sort of Warrior/Wizard. Sometimes he can be aggressive, sometimes he can be light and playfull. Mysterious is how he would come off. Not the type of person to let you in on whats going on in his world.

Bonzo is the same way but a lot more agressive. So if I were to meet him in real life at the time he made Zep product. I would expect a very out going guy. Not shy/mysterious or meek. Outgoing and boisterous. He likes to feel his sweat in other words. Very Viking like, take no prisoner attitude. Bonzo drumming is like a big gorilla on the prowl that bows to no one.

RP to me is very reflective and a charmer. Who does not lead a conventional life. Vocally he likes to be turned on. He strikes me as more Sexual in his persona than romantic. He does not come off as private and ridgid. Outdoorsy. There are just some songs that he able to really capture the mood. Immigant Song, SRTS have an out door quality. The Crunge/WLL/HB have a sexual component to his voice, like he is getting laid in the song.


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