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German music - What do you know?

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MIA. :banana:

Die Ärzte



Die Toten Hosen

Wir sind Helden

Turbostaat :banana:


Jennifer Rostock

So many great bands, but nobody knows them.... :boohoo:

I saw MIA doing a fashion show and I thought she was hot. And her music was alright too!

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Kraftwerk! I really have forgotten to mention them :bagoverhead: , my father´s first LP he bought at the age of 12 was from them.

Sie ist ein Model und sie sieht gut aus..

Ouch! Now I feel real old!! :'(

Their first couple of albums were pretty good. B)

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In Munchensteht ein Hofbrauhaus?

That´s from "Spider Murphy Gang", it´s a song about prostitution in Munich, what is actually forbidden; but one lady just keeps on working on telephone.("Unter 32-16-8 herscht Konjuktur die ganze Nacht- Und draußen vor der großen Stadt stehen die Nutten dich die Füße platt")

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Amon Düül



Tangerine Dream

Ash Ra Tempel... just to name a few

I'm a Kraut Rock lover!

Faaaaauuuusssstttttt !!!! :o

I love them and the last recent albums too.

I'm a Kraut rock lover as well!!!!!! B)

Yes, we've to admit that Kraut rock music is not for everyone eh eh (this is why I like all the things Mike Patton, ex-Faith No More, do: really experimental)

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Udo Lindenberg is a kind of cool B) But do you know "Ton Steine Scherben" - They were a kind of protest band , and their former manager has founded the "Die Grünen", Germany´s Anti-nuclear-power-plant-and-Anti-Waldsterben-party (Al Gore would love them).

Their most famous song is "Macht kaputt, was euch kaputt macht" - Destroy, what destroys you.

It became a anthem for Punks and the whole "Häuserbestzer"(don´t know what´s that in english)-scene in Germany during the 80´s.

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How about Hamburg based 60's r'n'b outfit, The Shamrocks? Got their (one and only?) debut LP and a single with these guys, really great Pretty Things/Yardbirds kinda r'n'b.


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