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Seek Out Led Zeppelin Landmarks On Google Maps

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Seek Out Led Zeppelin Landmarks On Google Maps

There's 27 places to see...

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by Scott Colothan on 28/11/2007

Photo by: wenn Rock dinosaurs Led Zeppelin have well and truly entered the digital age thanks to Google Earth and Google Maps.

By clicking here, fans can seek out the exact pub where Zeppelin used to secretly jam after Earls Court performances, or the house where their defining classic ‘Stairway to Heaven’ was penned.

There’s a total of 27 different landmarks for fans to peruse through, including the location of John Bonham’s grave, Knebworth House, the tower block featured in the artwork of Led Zeppelin IV and the O2 Arena where the band are playing their reunion show next month.

Each location on the map comes with a paragraph of text explaining the relevance of the specific place.

To enjoy the experience better, those that haven’t already need to install Google Earth on their browser.

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Hmm. The article makes it sound as if this is an officially-released feature by Zep. Is that really the case? Because The Roundhouse is listed as a pub, which it isn't. And I doubt that Mr. Page would welcome the location of his London residence being given out. Just sayin'.

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I doubt that Mr. Page would welcome the location of his London residence being given out. Just sayin'.

While I certainly agree with your feelings about the band's right to privacy, many of Jimmy's residences over the years have been historic landmarks. Tower House London is one of them. Now, he has other residences around the world that no one needs to know about, but his London home is a well known site. Not that I think anyone should go there and disturb the place, but viewing pictures is as easy as Googling Tower House London, or the architect's name: William Burges. Jimmy purchased the place because his love of the achitecture.

I think Newark is were the airport scene is from TSRTS movie, when they get into limos !

I thought it was Pittsburg. :unsure:

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I thought it was Pittsburg. :unsure:

There's a bit of Pittsburgh (Three Rivers Stadium) and New York in the motorcade.

The Starship flew in and out of Newark Airport for the concerts. That famous shot

of them on the wing of the plane was also shot there, if I remember correctly.


The Google think may not be quite right concerning Hammerwood. During a visit there

many years ago I brought over all my outtake photos from the film for the owner

of Hammerwood, David Pinnegar, to review.

Having looked at the photos, he was convinced that the INDOOR shoot-out scene was NOT filmed there, with the exception of Grant and Cole in the doorway. The

reason for this is because in the outtakes there appears to be some stained glass

windows above them (it's a basement room?) If I had to guess, I would say they

filmed THAT segment at Tower House, which has similar windows and Jimmy had

only recently moved into it.

The gangsters firing from the car WAS filmed on the grounds of Hammerwood.

Then again, perhaps it was all filmed there and David Pinnegar simply doesn't

realize it yet.

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