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Coke Or Pepsi?


Coke or Pepsi?  

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  1. 1. Sodas

    • Coke
    • Pepsi

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By the way, Coke was a Jeopardy question last night...it seems that the Coca-cola

script logo was designed by the company's bookkeeper.

I tend to get the Mexican Coke's now, as they are still made the old-fashioned way

with cane sugar instead of the evil corn syrup which is used in just about everything

in America these days...and YES, you can taste the difference!

Plus, they still come in that cool glass bottle!

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I love RC.

In Chicago, they sell a 2liter for 99 cents, no matter where you go. I think it tastes the best out of a plastic bottle, the cans don't taste as good.

now if i could only get you to ship me a case and some chicago pizza....pleeease!!!

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