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Dire Maker or D'yer Mak'er

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I always called it Dire Maker until my son told me, a few years back that it is actually D'yer Mak'er. Man, was I embarrassed :oops: !

I did it too for a while. Problem corrected though thanks to the wonderful people on this site. :D

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I heard the joke before I heard the song. It was written in an old joke book. I'll reprint it here, exactly the way it appears in the book:

Man 1: My old woman just went off to the West Indies for vacation.

Man 2: Jamaica?*

Man 1: No, she went of her own accord, actually.

* Pronounced quickly: "D'yer Mak'er?" :huh:

That whole sequence, including the foot note, is in a British joke book that I got a long time ago. So, I knew what they meant by the spelling, although my friends all insisted I was pronouncing it wrong and that it was "Dire Maker". I think it's extremely funny and coincidental that it's spelled the exact same way in the book as it is on Houses!


Sorry for the offtop, kashmiran, but I thought your signature is pretty interesting. Can I ask who said so? Google seems to have no clue.

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I just kinda mush "Did ya make her" together. Djya maker.

Old joke notwithstanding, it also goes with how Robert pronounces things as well. Midlands style. He pronounces America "Ameriker". So Jamaica would naturally sound as "Jamaker". So "Jermaker" isn't much of a leap pun-wise. ;)

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