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Eagles new album


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Well have fun Missy, I hope they play every single song you ever wanted to hear them play. Like DAS said though, there's not a band alive today that I'd pay that much to see.

I love the "convenience charge" by the way. Ticket Master is truly evil.

Thank-you dazedcat. I am looking forward to it. Hope I'm not the oldest one there, haha.

Apparently fans are willing to pay the high price. The May 4th show has Sold Out and a second show was added for May 2nd (no reduction in pricing however!) missy

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Hello Everyone!

We had a fabulous time. IMHO Joe Walsh was beyond amazing. Rocky Mountain Way was worth going. Venue was packed. Getting together with Missy was great!!

Here are few photos:-)




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The Eagles put on a great show, well worth it to me. Deb and I had a blast too. The Eagles made note this is their 40th year as a band (wow, does that make me feel old, lol) and I'm here to tell you they still sound as fresh as they did back when they started. Played all their hits, even Witchy Woman a surprise to me as I didn't think they included it on recent tours.

My photos were taken with my little Apple phone and they are not as clear or big as they would have been with a regular camera (mine broke!). But see what you think. The boys in the band are looking pretty good!

Glenn Frey.


Don Henley.


Joe Walsh.


Bassist Timothy B. Schmit.


All together now.....


And finally a pic of Deb and I outside the stage area shortly after the show, lots of fun! :) ...Missy


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