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Errr...'scuse me but I wouldn't call that beautiful. Jimmy Bonzo and Jonesy all look like they're waiting to see an optician.

\\Beauty is in the eye of beholder.....here are the beautiful men of Rock and Roll, looking what else, but beautiful.........



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Thank you Jimmy's A Legend.....

I remember seeing the one in the Paris airport somewhere but couldn't find it again.

Here's one of my favorite series of the band in Newport....1969-07-06_Newport_02.jpg

As always Peter Grant is never too far away!

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Sorry if I posted these already - I always lose track but figure there may be someone that has not seen them before ;)

I love this one! It's only one I have seen where Jimmy has his cane that Lori talks about. He looks so stylish with it.


And I love this (JAL) Lucia. Jimmy was so adorable with his very long hair.

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