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It was a stupid fantasy of me and a friend of mine xDxD

Why are they all in the same position? :hysterical::hysterical:


I believe this is the scene in the film, The Song Remains The Same, where they discovered that a substantial amount of their earnings was stolen.

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I just wanted post this YT link that has somenice shots of band I had not seen before.

It been out there for while but worth a look for rare pictures

Thanks for this link...very enjoyable! And I hadn't seen some of these pics before, you're right. :)


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Love those Melody Maker ones, Otto, with little Scarlet in the middle, and the other one with Billy Connolly looking like--well, Billy Connolly!

Reminds me again to suggest having a dedicated thread for your (and others') article scans, so we don't lose track of them.

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I know we've been over this many times, so I'll just say quickly that this (great) pic is the wrong way around. The writing at the top on the sign should in fact be backwards--it's identifying where reception is as you enter the lobby, and the band are on the other side of the sign at the reception desk. So if they looked behind them, the sign would be in reverse. See how they all seem to be signing with their left hands?

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