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Favorite album?


Your favorite Led Zeppelin album?  

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  1. 1. Albums

    • Led Zeppelin I
    • Led Zeppelin II
    • Led Zeppelin III
    • Houses of the Holy
    • Zoso
    • The Song Remains The Same
    • Physical Graffiti
    • Presence
    • In Through The Out Door
    • Coda
    • Mothership

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awhile back, after seeing -it might get loud, was listening to so much of -presence and it was sounding so good. also -ramble on, cause of the part in the movie.

currently, mothership disc 2. had gone on a road trip with no music at all and when i got home, put on this production version of -kashmir and been listening to it alot.

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I like Led Zep IV and also In through the Outdoor, I think this album is really underrated, some songs on this albums are the climax of their virtuosity.Hot Dog and SBSAUREZ are two very good songs, some people don't like them, don't know why.IMO, InthrTheoutdoor is one side of Led Zeppelin, because they had many different faces.

As for me I don't like No Quarter,Dazed and confused and In the light.

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At this point, I honestly don't have one. It's so tough as there are so many fantastic songs that are my absolute favourites on different albums! I went for IV - it's epic and it's the one that got me hooked in the first place.

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All of Led Zeppelin's studio albums were gold record award and were fabulous. If I had to pick I still say and always will that Led Zepp IV defined them and Physical Graffiti was the other album I would rank in the top two. It took 18 months between Houses of the Holy and PG. I remember how we all waited with no patience for the next album to be released and we could not get our hands on it fast enough. I got it on 8 track in the day and when I first heard Tranpled Under Foot and Kashmir I thought, man, are these guys diverse or what? They had managed to mix hard rock with classical and disco both. I even go a local diso bar to play Trampled Under Foot in the same set as one of KC and the Sunshine bands sets. To me PG is two albums worth of brilliance!!!

When Presence came out I remember hearing it the first time played in its entirety by the local station, WCMF in Rochester, NY, without interuption. As much as I love Presence I still think PG is far better, of course you are getting two albums instead of one.

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Physical Graffiti.

Arguably, any of the first six studio albums would not be out of place as "the" favourite album with ITTOD and the much maligned(?) Coda also having their place in the Led Zeppelin Pantheon.

For me Physical Graffiti was Led Zeppelin at their peak.

Interesting poll selections.

Mothership was a best of and TSRTS a "live" soundtrack album, kinda strange putting them up as choices as they are not what I would call defining or favourite albums, as good as they are yet their other albums were ignored.

Why were Early Days, Latter Days, BBC Sessions, How The West Was Won, Remasters and Boxed Sets 1 and 2 omitted from the poll ?

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How did I miss this poll? Well, the answer for me is Led Zeppelin's "Houses of the Holy" album.

Quick review...........

Best Showcase for JPJ ( No Quarter) Check.

Best Zep ballad (The Rain Song) Check.

Best Guitar work/ JP (TSRTS) Check.

Best Robert wailing (N/Q, TRS, &TSRTS) Got you covered.

Best Groove song (Dancing Days) Check.

Best Album artwork (vivid imagery) Yep. Check again.

That's all for now, but I'm sure there are plenty more..........................:) missy

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