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Ugliest Men In the History of Rock n' Roll


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Here are a couple of my fav's...

on Mick Mars

A seemingly endless reservoir of hideous. Always looks like he's been dead since Wednesday, no matter what day it happens to be. His appearances (then and especially now) on the Motley Crue installment of Behind the Music made me want to call my parents and just chat.

on Steven Tyler

Apparently the victim of a catastrophic mouth-muscle collapse. Looks like he got drunk one night and tried to stretch his lips all the way around a steering wheel, and the shit never fully snapped back.

on David Crosby

Bald on top, pube curtains on the sides, a moustache that's almost certainly full of baloney sandwich crumbs, a penchant for hippie clothing, and a body like the Liberty Bell (the crack is where they installed the press-on liver). Nearly the complete package.


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