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Led Zeppelin Reunion


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Zip. Nada. Sorry (and welcome to the forum), but there is at this point nothing forthcoming. Maybe another album with Robert and Alison. Maybe a tour to follow. Maybe another Strange Sensation project. Maybe Jimmy, JPJ and Jason doing something (presumably for a video game). That's about all. Zeppelin with Robert? No time soon. No plans there from what I've heard. Of course, the door's always open, but that's the word on the street. :beer:

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if there is/will be a reunion, i just hope they wont use all this old imagery. They all got older now and that's not just fine - it's great!

you know what i mean, right? The music is so beyond time...

So, i'm hoping for new pics with fresh inspiration.

...the flash animations on the website are a good start...

but anyhow the music is as potent and passionate as ever!

If they won't find a way to play together again, my friends and i will continue to listen to local bands playing led zepplin songs :unsure::rolleyes:

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