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Let us take a moment to thank Ferdinand

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Without Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin, the name Led Zeppelin would not exist.

On this day (July 2, 1900) in history, the first LZ I was released for an 18 minute flight in Germany. The first and second prototypes (LZ 2) were failures, and it wasn't until the third that Germany's military began to take an interest in the airship.

Other notable things from July 2nd.

1. 1556 - Nostradamus died.

2. 1881 - 20th US President James A. Garfield was fatally injured by a gunshot.

3. 1937 - Amelia Earhart disappeared.

4. 1955 - The Lawrence Welk Show premieres.

5. 1956 - Elvis Presley records the song "Hound Dog".

6. 1961 - Ernest Hemingway committed suicide.

7. 1969 - I was born and Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell quit the Jimi Hendrix Experience.


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