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How I know I'm Zeppelin-obsessed ...

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And (thanks for reminding me, Mom) I sleep with the insert from my Mothership CD under my pillow :blush:

Oh- and right now, I would rather stay on the site than eat, no matter ow much they scream at me :D

I am the same way. I also sleep with some small copies of pictures of Jimmy under my pillow.

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i studdy alister crawley ever since i was 9yrs old i had the spierits and zeppelin page and other things drummed into my head thats what i know its my music for life well my type of music who are with me nobody can see them but thease spirits love zeppelin

And to think, all that time you could have been studying grammar and spelling! <_<

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Exactly! I have to restrain myself from singing out loud at work. I just recently got up the nerve to wear headphones at work even though a superior said it was OK. One day I was blasting LZ and my boss came in and started talking to me and I couldn't hear a word he said. Fortunately he handed me a piece of paper so I figured out what he was saying. I am afraid I am going to lose my job when I can't control my urge to watch LZ on youtube all day anymore.

That Sucks,

I sing Zeppelin songs at school and everyone looks at me like I'm crazy. No one my age listens to Led Zeppelin. I'm sitting in class doing algabra and singing quietly, "communication breakdown, its always the same, havin a nervous breakdown, drive me insaaaane!!!" I look up, people are looking at me, wide-eyed, and they say, What are you singing. I reply, Communication Breakdown! How could you not know that???!!!

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I have 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,001 pictures of Jimmy♥ on my iPod and I can't fall asleep without looking at each one.

I sneak it into class and look at one when I get stumped on question. :D Thats why I sit at the back of the classroom!

I went to Hastings(in 2008) to buy my very first Mothership! And it had a sticker on it that said, Win Tickets to see Led Zeppelin :yay: ! I almost fainted! I picked it up, and ran as fast as I could to the cashier. I bought it, and when I got home, the sticker said it expired in 2007. I cried that whole night...

I thought I was going to finally see Jimmy! :(:(:( :'(

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If you try to get your hair exactly how Jimmy's was in 1970,

(im trying to do that)

You have a stroke if you brake your Mothership CD case,

If you write a whole novel based on Jimmy or Robert

(which I'm in the prosess of doing)

If you shave the back of your head in to say Led Zeppelin or Jimmy Page or Robert Plant

And if you hate the song I Hate Jimmy Page by Mindless Self Indulgence

(which I hate more than anything!!!!!!!!!)

If you know everyone in the band's birthdates

(which I do)

If you have a birthday party for Jimmy.

(which I also do)

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Lmao! Haha, if i ever get a question like that, im gonna have to steal that from you :D

Well, I might have to charge you... :D

Just kiding, I'm honored that I've actually got something cool enough for someone to want to steal it...

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...Hmm I only have some Double Bubble(I have an addiction)Lol

Aww, :D haha well then if it makes you happy, Ill steal more stuff :P

My new name shall be ms_zeppelin94..Lmao kidding :D

Cool! You born in 94 too? :lol:

Thats hilarious!!!

What's cooler is that my teacher's A Zep fan too! So I didn't get in trouble :D

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- You have 10 gigs of Zeppelin on your computer with about double that in cd's not ripped. (I know stuff all compared to some, but hey I'm only 18 and haven't been collecting boots for tooo long.)

- You own 10 Zeppelin shirts.

- Your bedroom wall is covered with posters/pictures torn out of magazines of the band.

- You go through phases when you listen to nothing but Zep.

- You try getting as many of your friends as possible into Zeppelin.

- You own every known pro shot show to exist and most audience recorded clips on dvd.

Ahhh, I could go on but you get a fair idea. :)

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I also am writing a story that involves Jimmy (and Robert).

Sneakily blow kisses to Jimmy on the cover of Mojo Classic (with the Zep cover) at work everytime I walk by.

Wonder names of equipment and guitars people use, like a wah wah pedal, like Jimmy uses.

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Everytime I hear the name Robert or Jimmy, Im like "OMG WHERE??? I LOVE YOU!!"...or I just get happy thinking to myself..Then I get stared at for randomly smiling creeply..ehhh

That's exactly what I do! No joke! My friends think that I'm going insane...

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