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Aerosmith and their own Guitar Hero Game

The Rover

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Guitar Hero: Aerosmith is the second expansion title to the Guitar Hero series, and focuses primary on the Boston band, Aerosmith. The soundtrack consists of 31 main Career songs, and 10 additional songs unlockable from "The Vault". The soundtrack is made up of about 60% of Aerosmith songs, and 40% from bands inspired by or have worked with Aerosmith, including Run D.M.C., The Kinks, and Joan Jett. There are also several songs from the 2005 solo album by Joe Perry, Aerosmith's lead guitarist who is also the primary focus of the game.

In each set, the first two tracks are from artists who, at some point in time, have been an opening act for Aerosmith. The total soundtrack is reported to have 41 songs altogether. Once everything has been unlocked, there will be 25 Aerosmith songs, 4 Joe Perry songs, and 12 opening-band songs.

Of the 25 Aerosmith Songs, I really like 4 of them (1/6 of the choices....)

Nobody's Fault

Rats In The Cellar

Back In The Saddle

Toys In The Attic

I'm glad those songs made it.

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I love this game, it's like crack. The best songs imo:

Toys in the Attic

Draw the Line

Back in the Saddle

Make it

Movin' Out (sounds a bit like Black Dog)

King of Rock

All Day and All of the Night

Cat Scratch Fever

Train Kept a Rollin

Is the "Train Kept A Rollin'" done like the famous "live" version ?

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