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Not sure if this is where to put it...


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The bf (kublakhan27) and I have made some more recent Zep purchases, mostly clothing, and thought we would show them off. OK, well, I did, but I am sure he would oblige. :D

We call this one "Partners in crime" and, yes, he likes to be more in the background. Also, he has his arm around me in this first one, I didn't shove myself into the shot. :D


Better shot of my tank (and his tattoo):


These pictures have the biggest smiles I have ever seen from him. :wub:


1977, the year on his tank top, is the year he was born.

More to come.

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coolio!! :D

can't wait to gather some money so I too can indulge myself in some LZ merch!! :lol:

so far I've only got A shirt.. but I've also got an alarm clock and I love it! :D

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I was trying to look for the general picture thread to post mine in and gave up on looking, but I'm not sure if there is a thread for all the LZ merch that the members own. You could also post them in the "show us a picture of yourself" thread.

I Love The pink tie dye by the way!

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