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johnny rotten loves america


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i would love to see more of this...

love johnny!

from johnlydon.com


Isn’t it amazing what turns up on the internet these days?

A scissor-reel from ‘Johnny Rotten Loves America’ – the show that is apparently too hot to handle – has made a surprise appearance on YouTube. Naughty, Naughty, but we like…

Will the series ever be broadcast. Who knows? The producers are doggone.

Make no mistake, Mr Rotten loves America and we’d love people to see his views on Hurricane Katrina and gun control. Not to mention talking to the proud decedents of Black Confederate soldiers from the War of Southern Independence. BUT maybe it’s just a can of worms some U.S. TV companies don’t want to open…

As John commented on JL.Com in summer 2007: “I’m trying to work on a six part series and we’ll see if that comes off or not. Certainly, if it doesn’t, it won’t be because of a lack of ideas on our behalf…”

PS: Beware of plagiarism and diluted content…

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I gained a lot of respect for John after reading his autobiography. But then lost some of it when the Pistols did their reunion tour a few years back. I remember watching some TV interview and John would create a big stink and then walk out in a huff over a question he didn't like. But it was so fake, and he was trying to be like how they were in the 70's. It was a bit ridiculous. But I'm curious to see this show though. Didn't he have another TV show at one point? I think him (along with Henry Rollins) would do well if they found the right show to express themselves. I love The Henry Rollins Show on IFC.

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