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What is the world coming to...

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A recent article in The Birmingham News,my local fishwrapper,by Ginny MacDonald.

Headline:Agressive driving linked to stickers,vanity plates


Road rage has something to do with bumper stickers,territoriality and our ancestors.Or at least,that's what psychologists say.

A study by Colorado State University psychologist William Szlemko found drivers of cars with bumper stickers,window decals,personalized liscense plates and other "territorial markers"are more likely to be aggressive drivers.

Drivers who do not personalize their cars get angry too,but they fume internally,call the other driver a jerk and move on.The study was recently published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology.

"Territoriality is hard-wired into our ancestors from tens of thousands of years ago,"said study co-author Paul Bell."Animals are territorial because it had survival value."

The researchers hypothesized that drivers who personalize their cars view the road as deeply personal space,or primary territory.

How's about them apples?Never had a problema with someone with a Zeppelin sticker.But a soccer mom in her suv with her kids names on the rear window,or Auburn vanity plates on a vehicle,brothers and sisters around these parts,you got to watch the toin and the froin.It's downright crazy here.

Is California exempt from this? Because I think we're ALL assholes on the road, regardless of any visible territorial markings.

As for the other article, Illinois doesn't know their stoners very well. If I were them, I'd start with all those weirdos with the Grateful Dead stickers, then I'd expand to include cars with Pink Floyd stickers and other highly suspect bands. Led Zeppelin wouldn't be included until my third tier, though. You gotta get the hardcore Deadheads out of the way to stop the supply chain, and then you can go on to wipe out the small timers with the Zep stickers. Whoa, but watch out for the ones with the Keith Richards for President decals...those guys are like the mafia dons, man.

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This really angers me. What will an Ozzie Ozzbourne or Alice Cooper sticker buy you? Automatic jail time?

For an Ozzie, you are made to spend your declining years surrounded by dog poo while your disfunctional family is turned into a media brand.

An Alice is much worse. You are made to play golf.


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In all seriousness, I know cops love to pull people over with Grateful Dead stickers. Wonder why? :D

The cops want to verify the freshness dates on the dairy products.(and search for dairy by-products)

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