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i got a '57 les paul black beauty custom VOS (2007)


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this guitar retails brand new, in the uk for approx £2,700 - £3,000 +.

i've been looking to purchase one ever since i was 14, i have a glance at ebay now and again, to see what instruments are on there, and my eyes popped out of my head when i saw this......


even though it's second hand, this guitar has onnly been played for an hr or 2, it has been plekked, (if you don't know what that is, google it),ebony fingerboard, long neck tendon, all mahogony body, unchambered........i've basically saved myself 60%

this will become my main electric guitar...

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Yeah, but that still looks like a very nice guitar anyway.


correct, the 3 pick up is the bl beauty, confusingly, the 1957 black custom with 2 p ups was also known as the bl beauty

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