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Performance wise? or sound quality wise? Well heres what I love

1969.04.27 - Fillmore, San Francisco

1969.08.31 - Texas Int'l Pop Fest

1970.03.07 - Montreax

1970.09.04 - Blueberry Hill, The Forum, LA

1970.09.19 - MSG, New York City (evening show)

1971.05.03 - Copenhagen, Denmark* most favorite

1971.09.04 - Toronto, Ontario

1971.09.14 - Berkeley, CA

1971.09.24 - Tokyo, Japan

1971.09.29 - Osaka, Japan

1971.11.16 - Ipswich

1971.11.25 - Leicester, England

1972.02.27 - Sydney, Australia

1972.06.19 - Seattle, WA

1972.06.25 - Los Angeles, CA

1972.10.02 - Tokyo, Japan

1972.10.09 - Kyoto, Japan

1972.12.22 - London, England

1973.03.16-24 - Europe, whole lota of them

1973.07.17 - Seattle, WA

1975.02.12 - New York

1975.03.21 - Seattle

1975.05.2X - any of Earls Courts

1977.06.11 - New York

1977.06.21 - Los Angeles, CA

1979.07.29 - Copenhagen, Denmark

1980.06.21 - Rotterdam

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i'd love to see a MASSIVE definative Poll on this very question maybe a few polls with different catagories: hell it would be a great way to kick off this new site and it would help kill the time before Dec 10th.... it may even help get a few more live releases....

1) Best Performance

-- Early Days (68-71??)

-- Middle Years (72-75??)

-- Later Days (76-80??)

2) Best Quality

-- Early Days (68-71??)

-- Middle Years (72-75??)

-- Later Days (76-80??)

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'Listen To This Eddie', no doubt

I think Listen to this eddie it's marvellous, you're right.

There's even San Diego 75 , Landover 77 with wonderful sound and very good performance, even the second destroyer is wonderful.And I'm just considering 77/75 !!!

Any way it's not easy to choose in tons of boots, next week maybe i'll love other boots and and

I'll write you !

Anyway L T T E is GREAT - Sure

Bye :D

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Blimey - where do you start? There are so many... :o

But what about:










And then there are the Kezar 73, Earls Court 75 boots... bliss!

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My favorite from each year

1968 Zaga the only known boot from that year is a pretty quality one for being 39 years old.


Texas Pop is the best sounding overall. It's also the bluesiest Zepp ever got in concert.

Any of the Filmore West shows are good also. I think they played their 6 times.

Boston Tea Party from 1/26 is a good one also.


Blueberry Hill is arguably the most famous Zepp boot ever. It was probably the original bootleg.

New York the day after Jimi died


Royal Albert Hall


LA 3-27

Tulsa is another famous one. I think it's from August. Can't remember the exact date.

Vancouver is probably the best sounding. It's 3-21. It is short only about 5 tracks but they sound great.


Osaka, Japan can't remember the date but they played Friends and Four Sticks I think.

Copenhagen 5-3 this is a good with. Great version of Four Sticks here.

Inglewood 8-21

If you want to hear the first version of Stairway it's 3-5 Belfast. Sometimes you'll see it mislabeled as 3-4 but it's the same show. But the show is not well recorded.


The two shows used for HTWWW-LA Forum 6-25 and Long Beach 6-27

Seattle 6-19 they played Dancing Days twice in this one.

Any of the Australian or Japan shows are good also.


Salt Lake City 5-26 is probably my favorite but there's lots of good ones this year. They weren't off that often. Vienna was another great show. Southampton was a great one.

75-Any Earls Court show. There's 5 of them. They are all pretty good.

3-19 Vancouver is a great one.

Stay way from any shows before March for the most part because Plant's voice was out of it and they aren't as good. St. Louis 2-16 is one of the few exceptions


LA Shows were all good. After that it's very few good ones I would take

79 all four shows are good

8-11 is the worst of the 4. Both Copenhagen shows are excellent.


Frankfort, Rotterdam, and Vienna

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Some boots I'd recommend (some are easily available) for there sound and great performances;

OSAKA 29 Sept 1971 -

I've heard hundreds of boots and this is the only one so far that has sounded semi-professionally recorded - almost like a recording crew had been brought in. Most mixing board recordings don't capture the acoustic interplay of the venue/audience, and alot of audience ones lack definition in the voice/instruments. Zep's music always sounds best with a balance of both of above (Pages mantra on distance is depth works with the band as a whole as well). This recording has a great balance of acoustics (the only let-down is its high compression - which adds thickness, but Plant's voice is squashed at times).

One enjoyable bonus of the recording is being able to hear Bonham's voice talking to the members and his roadie eg "My legs feel like Jelly""I don't wanna play""It's like Roget's Playtime""They (the audience) like a bit of comedy"etc

This version of staiway is the best I have heard, relaxed, in total control, Plant believing in the lyrics, Pages solo beautifully crafted, Jones' Rhodes with a touch of distortion sounds really thick, Bonham's experimenting with on/off beats at the end of the solo, all performed with a touch of finesse and tounge-in-cheek with the screeching Japanese audience. This is the gig with "Friends" making an unexpected entry. Hearing Bonham calling out the numbers during the Whole Lotta Love medley is a bit of an insight to the spontaneous way the medleys happened.


Another great sound, this time from the audience, but they must have used decent mikes/tape. I have heard the acoustics of the venue were/are superb. Apparently a song from a Fleetwood Mac album was recorded there (voice and piano only). Where there are a lot of edits in the recording and the version I have begins mono and goes to stereo in Heartbreaker, it is clear and precise. You can hear the acoustic songs clearly - a battle they had in many tours having the audience not respect the intimacy of the numbers.

DUSSELDORF 12 March 1970

Audience recording, but fantastic sound. Apart from the set list the vibe is from a 1971-2 concert and often Page's guitar sound is not the really heavy sound (like his Royal Albert Hall sound) but more refined like 1971 or even his amazing sound from 1975.

More later...

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my personal favorite, as someone else mentioned, is 3/21/75, seattle. the no quarter and dazed from that show are crazy. plus a rare version of SIBLY (rare for that tour, at least...). plus a full encore of WLL, heartbreaker, and communication breakdown. fuck, the show is like 4 hours and they played like 12 songs...lots of jamming.

others are the usual. the 1st, 3rd, and 6th of the LA run in '77 are all awesome. blueberry hill '70 is sweet, with out on the tiles making an appearance. most anything from japan '71 is amazing, as is the last 5 or 6 shows from the euro '73 tour (in my opinion, these shows are the band at their musical peak, in terms of performance. not plant's voice, however). the last few of US '72. 7/24/79 is actually not that bad, compared to knebworth, which was pretty awful. zurich '80 is real good. the april fillmore shows from '69 are all good...hell there's too many to list. sadly, most all of my boots are on cassette, and stashed away in crates, so they rarely get a listen...too bad too, cause i have most every show available. its been about 10 years since i've been heavily into the scene though...any new "releases" unearthed lately that are worth checking out??

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Not in any particular order

21-5-75 - Seattle

4-8-79 - Knebworth

1971.09.24 - Tokyo, Japan

21-5-77 - Houston

21-6-76 - L.A (Listen To This Eddie)

23-6-77 - L.A (Badgeholders)

26-6-77 - L.A

24-5-75 Earls Court

17-7-77 - Seattle

And heaps of others I can't remember the exact date too atm.

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1969 Texas Pop Festival: 23 min long "how Many More Times" un-friggan-believable

Any of the Fillmore Shows-- any one for say...Avacado??? Love the song "as long as I have you" wish that had been put on an album. You've never heard them like this before.

1973 Seattle: 33 min long Dazed and Confused...nuff said. In my opinion its the best one. No Quarter is great too.

1973 South Hampton: Real tight show. They were really on this night.

1975 Any of the Earls Court shows. In my time of Dying on the Court Jesters version is really good.

1975 Four Blocks in The Snow MSG,NY: Great show.

1977 Listen to This Eddie: Nothing else needs to be said.

Thesed are the favs that I have and highly recommend to anyone getting started in collecting concerts.

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Not in any particular order

21-5-75 - Seattle

4-8-79 - Knebworth

1971.09.24 - Tokyo, Japan

21-5-77 - Houston

21-6-76 - L.A (Listen To This Eddie)

23-6-77 - L.A (Badgeholders)

26-6-77 - L.A

24-5-75 Earls Court

17-7-77 - Seattle

And heaps of others I can't remember the exact date too atm.

77 Seattle? Page and terrible that night. I can't understand how anyone can like that show or either Cinci show that year. Page was terrible for most of 77.

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