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Is this 4 source mix a recent release? Is the soundboard fragment used in it?

Came out in the last couple of years, I'd reckon...one of them 'fan based projects', as it were...and, no, it doesn't use the soundboard snippet. IMO the source used for "NQ"/"TYG"/"BOE" kicks the soundboard's ass anyway!

Here's the breakdown:

"11 June 1977

New York, NY

Madison Square Garden

Source: audience

Quality: very good/good


Source 1: Master > CDR > ? > FLAC > CDR(2) > EAC > WAV > Sound Forge (edit clicks between tracks) > shntool (correct sbe's) > FLAC > dBPowerAMP > WAV (this was originally treed through FBO though with index clicks at the track transitions), speedcorrected

Source 2: unknown gen Cass > X-Fi > Clean! >WaveLab > FLAC > dBPowerAMP > WAV (sean_the_bootlegger source), speedcorrected

Original notes from Sean:

This is a very good tape. It appears our taper was concerned about running out of tape, so he shut it down often between songs and subsequently chopped a few things up. Still, it's worth grabbing.

Source 2: 2nd gen Cass > Video Hifi > X-Fi >WaveLab > FLAC > dBPowerAMP > WAV (sean_the_bootlegger source), speedcorrected

Original notes from Sean:

The end of the June 11th sources. Though the show is still not complete, it does include at least some of Heartbreaker. During Ten Years Gone and No Quarter one channel dropped out completely. I repaired them by turning the missing sections into mono. Unfortunately the video hi-hi had some trouble tracking in some places. Murphys Law. So, for the purists, here it is anyway...one more source.

Note : the 2nd gen Cass > Video Hifi source is from the same taper as source 2 (same cuts, same crowd noises), it sounds much worse even though it's listed as a known gen (but see Sean's notes). It's a bit more complete and it's been used to complete the unknown gen Cass source wherever possible.

then : > Audacity (speed correcting, merging) > WAV > FLAC frontend > FLAC (level 8 )


Disc 1

01 - The Song Remains The Same

02 - Sick Again

03 - Nobody's Fault But Mine

04 - In My Time Of Dying

05 - Since I've Been Loving You

06 - No Quarter

Disc 2

07 - Ten Years Gone

08 - The Battle Of Evermore

09 - Going To California

10 - Black Country Woman

11 - Bron-Y-Aur Stomp

12 - White Summer

13 - Kashmir (slightly cut)

Disc 3

14 - Over The Top (cuts)

15 - Guitar Solo

16 - Achilles Last Stand

17 - Stairway to Heaven

18 - Heartbreaker (cut)

Total time: 181m 13s

Sources breakdown:

From TSRTS to 6'15 of Kashmir: FBO tree source (30" snippet of the unknown gen Cass source merged into NQ)

From 6'15 to 8'15 of Kashmir: unknown gen Cass

From 8'15 in Kashmir to 25" in OTT : 2nd gen Cass > video Hifi

From OTT to the cut in Heartbreaker : unknown gen Cass"

Hands down, the definitive source for this show.

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