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The best Zep boots?!? ANY OF THEM. But my all time favorites are the Seattle show from 3/21/75 and the "badge holders" show from Inglewood 6/23/77. Really can we actually pick a fave, even on their worst nights Led Zeppelin was really the best. Hopefully during the O2 concert(which I hope someone can bootleg so us unfortunates with no ticket can hear the Power and the Glory once again), Robert will realize this and maybe want to do a few more shows with that group he seems keen on adopting then giving up for adoption on a whim. Maybe they could do something along the lines of what Clapton, Bruce and Baker did for Cream in '05(although with Zep they'd probably need two straight weeks of dates to fulfill the demand!). I, for one, am keeping everything on my body I can cross crossed for luck and hope!

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I am currently downloading 3/18/1971 Belfast, Ireland. the first concert where "Stairway to Heaven" was played. we will; see what it sounds like.

It's not that bad of a show but the sound is bad at times. Especially during Stairway. It changes speeds throughout.

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This is what I'd call a "beginners list"

4/24/69-Dancing Avocado Supreme


9/4/70-Blueberry Hill

9/19/70-One More For The Road 2005 Edition

5/3/71-Get this because they do almost the ENTIRE 4th album

8/23/71-Hot August Night

9/23/71 & 9/29/71


6/25/72 (Get The Audience Tape)

6/27/72 (Get The Audience Tape)

10/2 & 10/4/1972

1/22/73 Southampton SBD


5/13/73-Mobile, Alabama SBD

5/14/73-New Orleans, LA (Get The Audience Tape)

Bonzo's B'day Party & Three Days After

7/17/73-SBD and AUD

2/12/75 SBD AND AUD

2/16/75 SBD AND AUD

3/17/75 AUD

3/19/75-SBD AND AUD

3/21/75 AUD

3/24-27/1975 AUD TAPES


4/27/77-Its the Destroyer SBD show you need to get the WINSTON version



6/21/77-My fave bootleg of them all

6/23/77-For Badgeholders Only



6/17/80-Begining of last tour and a dramatic shakeup of the set list

6/29/80 & 6/30/80-AUD and SBD

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At one time in the late '80s, I was really into LZ boots:

(Apologies if I'm out of place posting these images):


CDs: Rock & Roll, San Francisco 1 & 2, Jennings Farm Blues, Studio Daze, Over The Hills and Far Away


Texas Pop, Stairway To Heaven, Best Of Tour '73 Vol 1&2, Stairway Sessions, More Than Soething Else


LPs: In Through The Outtakes, BBC '71, Session Man vol 1&2, Blueberry Hill


Bonzo's Birthday Party, Last Stand, Persistence

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What's Page's solo like? What's Plant's voice like at the end of the song?

Plant was on for that show like he was in most of the shows in that era.

It's hard to tell how good Page was because of the changing speed. It sounds like it's cut from 2 different sources or something so it sounds like it's almost pieced together.

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You ought to hear the aud/snbd matrix of this show if you haven't already. It's the best version I've ever heard for sure...

What label is that on? Any chance you could post a pic of the cover?

I'm going to Japan next month and intend visiting a few bootleg shops to grab some select items.

One of the ones I went to a few years ago had an entire floor-to-ceiling rack of Zep boots...and the only one I bought was Listen to this Eddie!

I've had a few disappointments with boots over the years. I'm a bit wary nowadays.

The good ones are certainly worth hunting out though. The Earls Court DVD is the jewel in the crown for me.

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I've spent countless hours reading about the role bootlegging labels have had in the past unearthing, and releasing (sometimes well, sometimes less than well, with incorrect information, edited shows, substandard remastering), etc

While in 1988 the only way you could listen to live Led Zeppelin shows (besides TSRTS), was to shell out cash for LPs, CDs. Tape trading for free was possible, but with loss of generation.

Since CD copying became cheap, I've always traded for LZ Cds (and later, DVDs), and am surprised people still pay large amounts of money for Led Zep boots, when you can trade for this material for the cost of a couple of stamps and CD mailers.

Surely now in 2007 there can't be much in the way of unearthed material?

So why are bootlegging companies still popular? Is it the rarity of ther release, and the artwork they produce?

Genuinely interested in the reasons.


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I stopped paying attention to bootlegs after around 2004. But here are my favorites.

8/31/69 - Texas Pop Festival (sounds like an official release, and the band is on fire)

9/23/71 - Osaka, Japan (the Japan tours are always great, and Robert Plant never sounded better than in 1971)

11/25/1971 - Leicester University (a great intimate type of performance, great sound too boot)

middle years...

I recently heard a show from Southampton, dated 1/22/1973, which sounds very much like a multi-track mix. Great performance, is making its rounds in trader circles.

1975 has a few good ones.

2/12/75 - Page/Bonham/Jones are all terrific, Plant is not.

3/27/75 - LA Forum (the band always peaks at the forum, and Mike Millard always puts out a great recording)

5/24/75 - Everyone should have heard this one by now, its a classic, probably the best version of Dazed and Confused the band played and the best Stairway to Heaven solo I've yet to hear. Also, great electric rendition of Tangerine.

5/25/75 - The best overall night at Earl's Court. Page is a little bit sloppy, but Plant is much stronger sounding than the previous night.

1977, the only ones that I really like are from the forum

6/21/77 - LA Forum, I don't think this one needs much explanation

6/23/77 - LA Forum, the Badgeholder's show. Better performance-wise than LTTE, great sound quality, idk why this never gets as much recognition.

6/25/77 - LA Forum, imo the BEST night of the tour, every band member plays exceptional, Page finally puts it together for an entire night.

7/17/77 - Seattle, WA (video) - I have mixed opinions on this, its a must have simply because its really the only video document of the band's 1977 tour (unless there really does exist a Houston video). Its a mixed bag, the performance is erratic. Page both looks and plays like he's smacked out of his mind. Plant sounds like Peter Brady. I'm just waiting for someone to sync this up with a better performance. That would be terrific, because the Seattle soundtrack (mono-soundboard) sounds thin, weak, and just bad in general.

1979, eh... both Copenhagen rehearsals are pretty good, first night at Knebworth was ok, second night, not so much.

1980, the only one that stands out to me are:

6/29/80 - Zurich. Decent playing, nice sounding soundboard.

6/30/80 - Frankfurt. The only other decent night that I've heard. Everything else is garbage, imo.

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Thank you for the reply..I had a feeling that was part of the reason.

I'm still surprised that after this long, that there's still unreleased material in the hands of collectors, and perhaps the original tapers.

Perhaps this is because, as a whole, tapers do not like their recordings being bootlegged? Or are people purposely hoarding in order to trade with others?

I have read that Mike Millard had a bad reaction when "Listen To This Eddie" was bootlegged.

It has happened to me a couple of times, that shows I taped have been sold on ebay, and I reported the sellers.

My philosophy has always been that I will support the artists - I have had a number of official releases, where the artist (often small and struggling) has made a small profit, and I have asked for nothing besides a free copy.


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I'm sure there is more stuff out there. New stuff still does come out every once in a while.

I have a bunch of boots, including 4/27/69 San Francisco, 9/29/71 Osaka, The Whiskey 69, 9/19/70 New York, and Texas Int Pop Festival.

And out of all of them I think that Montreux 3/7/70 is the best as far as sound quality, and it is a great performance too.

I've had to remaster the other boots myself, such as 4/27/69 to bring out the bass, or to bring out Robert's voice in Osaka. I guess for me out of all of these early shows that have such well known and highly regarded bootlegs, Montreux deserves special comment.

Just thought I'd add in my two cents.

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