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I'm in a band called From This Day On, I sing and play guitar. We're currently recording a 4-song demo. We're booked to play Club Soda (bowie played there back in the day) in Montreal Jan. 31st, its for an Exposure type thing, the company rents the venue and they get bands to sell tickets for 10 bucks and the more tickets, the better time slot.

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well i play guitar and I have a friend that does too and a i have a friend that plays drums. Weve jammed together a few times but havent gotten serious. Just played a few gigs around town. Either of us guitar players could play bass. I did most of the vocals even though i can barely sing. I dont know who would see us though, as we cant pick a genre work with .. We started out with a zeppelinish feel and then moved to post hardcore, then to punk, then ska, then alternative rock, now we just do all of it together and most of the time it sucks but we have our moments.

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My dream is to be in a band...but where i live there is no one to jam with. And if there was no one would take me seriously cause im a girl. I was offered a spot in a band once but before i could accept it they had already gotten a guy guitarist. Even though the bassist is a girl. :/

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I put a band together about a year or so ago. 'm on drums, then there's bass, guitar and singer. It's called Soundbridge and we play mostly classic rock covers. We got 3 Led Zeppelin songs, Ramble On, Whole Lotta Love and Good Times Bad Times. We dont make lots, but the pubs we play in offer us free beer and food too, making it a pleasant night of rock n roll !

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May I ask what the fuck you are talking about?


Now playing: Lynyrd Skynyrd - That Smell

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If the memory serves I'm referring to our gig frequency. All over the country, every night or every other night. Schedule was mental at the time. Still busy but nothing like it was.

Feckn'ell. Three years and eight months to answer a question. That's shurely shome kind of record.

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First off, can we stop posting stuff like "I'm better than (insert Zep member here)" crap. It sound pathetic. I don't care how many times your mom has said you're as good as Page or Bonham, the probability that you're not is pretty high. In the highly unlikely event that you are as good as either of them, good for you, now lose the arrogance and prove it to millions of people around the world.

To the task at hand...In a band, mostly dealing with originals but we have a few covers that we can grind out. Kinda straight up rock with some spaciness added, not much really in the blues rock vein aside from the inherent bluesiness of rock and roll. 2 guitars, bass, drums, vox...doesn't get much simpler

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My band is called Black Jack Row. All of us are heavily influenced by LZ and it is everyones favorite band.

www.facebook.com/blackjackrow - check us out, give us a LIKE

www.youtube.com/blackjackrow - our live vids, there are a few zep covers there.


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Oscar Suave is the band, Psyche garage rock is our thang

Oscar Suave Gigs coming up

10th October - No Direction single launch night - 93 feet east, London

Oscar Suave Mini Euro Tour

22nd October - (TBA) - Berlin, Germany

23rd October - Arty Farty Bar, Cologne, Germany

24th October - Smalands nation, Lund, Sweden

25th October - Drone Bar, Copenhagen, Denmark

27th October - (TBA) - London, UK

10th November - The Reverb Conspiracy Release party, Shackwell Arms, London

17th November - Oscar Suave EP launch party, Sebright Arms, London

1st Decemeber - Psychotic Reaction - Huddersfield

9th December - Psychedelic Sundays, The Lexington, London

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I'm looking like a newbie right now, but was on the board before this "official" one and originally one of the first on this board. I'm a guitarist from Seattle, Wa and currently play in a band called Sevens Revenge. We have been together a little over a year and recorded an album called "Distortion Of Reality", placed 42nd in the global Hard Rock Rising competition which involved 12,000 bands worldwide and got signed to a small, independent record label called Tin Star Records.

Here's our website which has links to all of our stuff! Hope you take a few minutes to check us out and please, comment if you want! Peace!!


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