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Led Zeppelin Vinyls

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Recently for my birthday I received a record player and lately I have been on a mission to buy as many albums as possible! There's only one problem- no place in Baton Rouge sells decent vinyls. So, my question is where can I purchase high quality Zeppelin records online?



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ebay (take it easy and keep time: you'll find reasonable prices sooner or later)

eil.com (expensive)

... and many more ... (I think also member of this forum ;) )

don't spend big money now, look around for what's the real price: there are only a few items really rare and expensive

one over all: the "first" UK albume with turquoise lettering is very common, you can find one almost every week but usually sell for biiiiig money because there's still a big demand even from not Zeppelin fans. It's a fashonable album not a collector's one. So stay away, you'll get it sooner or later for 100$ (or less).

of course take a look at my discography for reference :P

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