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Plant/Krauss at the Mann in Philadelphia 7/12/08


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I've seen a ton of shows over the years and this one is easily in my top 20. AK does have "voice from Heaven". You have to hear her live to know what they mean by it. My jaw just dropped. The band is just amazing too. Reminded me of the Dead in how tight and soulful their jams were. My fave was "Black Country Woman" which believe me when I say was BETTER THAN ZEPPELIN'S VERSION. They all seemed to have a blast. Trying to find a setlist but some of the highlights were....In The Mood (which after seeing RP nine times, I finally got to hear this live), Black Dog, Battle of Evermore, and Trampled Rose (this is where AK really shines). DON'T MISS THEM if you have a chance to see this band. I'm like everyone else where I like to see the boys get back together but if RP/AK want to do another album and tour, I'm all for it! :D

P.S. Plant did say they were sad because the tour is almost over...what does the future hold?

This is from another show (6/28) but this setlist looks like what they played last night:

Rich Woman

Leave My Woman Alone

Black Dog

Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us

Through the Morning, Through the Night

Goodbye and So Long to You

Fortune Teller

In the Mood (into Matty Groves)

Black Country Woman


Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler

Trampled Rose / Green Pastures

Down to the River to Pray

Killing the Blues


The Battle of Evermore

Please Read the Letter

Gone Gone Gone

You Don’t Knock

One-Woman Man

Your Long Journey

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that was the same set list from the Phoenix show.

A guy jumped on stage during one of the songs at the Phoenix show.... and was quickly escorted away. I got a cab ride home and our driver said he drove someone home a little while earlier from the show who said he got kicked out. Most likely the guy who jumped on stage.

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I drove up from Washington for the show yesterday because I loved them so much at Merriweather I had to see them again!! I had 14th row seats this time...and the show was just as spectacular as the first time.

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I forgot to mention that I had eighth row seats!! :D

I didn't realize Plant/Krauss were at the Mann. I knew they played in AC. Great seats, you must have loved it! I was up against the stage at the Mann once (when my friend and I walked up there) during a George Thorogood show back in the early 80's.

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Glad you enjoyed the show. I saw them in at the The Borgata iin AC from the first row. Was going to hit the Mann show too but figured it would be the same set so I went to Crue Fest instead in Camden.

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