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Led Zeppelin's Best Year

best live year  

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  1. 1. years live

    • 1969
    • 1970
    • 1971
    • 1972
    • 1973
    • 1975
    • 1977
    • 1979
    • 1980
    • 1985
    • 1988
    • 2007

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Overall I think 75' was their best year live culminating in Earls Court. However, I completely understand the whole 69 - 72' period, strong, hungry, full of piss and vinegar and going for broke. I think burnout really began to set in by 73'...they just did so much so quickly. I really think the band would have had a better time of it had they retired from touring post 75' and just put out studio work with an occasional live gig here and there, ala Steely Dan. Once the band as a unit become hungry to tour again, then they could have started the machine up. I also think Bonzo would still be alive if they would have done this. The man hated touring and being away from his family.

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I might well go with 1970 personally

Tough one. I'd have to go with 1970. I love 1969 as they were raw and powerful and so fresh, but by 1970 they were more experienced and established and still managed to maintain that sound.

Yep I'd argree with that, by 1970 I think they devolped a bit more of a unique character and had a setlist that was more varied but still ideal for live performances.

1970 perhaps lacks the truely exceptional concerts that we saw in 71-73 but its also the year in which pretty much every show I'v heard is a great unique performance. Not that the following years had many "bad" shows but some of them did sound like the band were going though the motions a bit where as that spark was there every night in 1970.

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I picked '73 for 2 principal reasons:

1 - No Quarter

2 - Dazed and Confused

I think the US tour was AWESOME for those 2 songs. I always thought they got a bit indulgent with NQ in 75 and 77. I actually preferred the 79 NQ to 75 and 77. And they probably were never more on their D and C game than Euro '73.

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Of course this topic/poll is subjective and just a matter of personal opinion. I voted for the year of 1975.

This is why: I believe that Led Zeppelin were at their absolute artistic peak and zenith during this year. For two reasons. The release of Physical Grafitti and their subsequent 1975 American tour (along with the five Earl's Court concerts in May). I realize that 1975 also brought much pain and sorrow to Robert Plant (and His Family) as well as the other members of Led Zeppelin. However, I think, that 1975 was the year that (finally) gave Led Zeppelin the Prestige and Merit that They actually deserved, in the eyes of all the critics and sceptics that ever doubted their Power and Mystery (and Hammer of the Gods).

Speaking of Power, Mystery, Merit and Prestige, I think that the year of 2012 renewed all of that for all the World to see. The release of the O2 concert on cd/dvd/blu-ray and the Ultimate Acclaim of Led Zeppelin being Honored in the United States of America at last months 35th annual Kennedy Center Honors Awards.

From the first notes of Good Times, Bad Times in 1968/1969, til this very moment, IT MAKES ME SO PROUD TO BE A FAN OF LED ZEPPELIN (JIMMY PAGE/ROBERT PLANT/JOHN PAUL JONES AND JOHN HENRY BONHAM).




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I voted for 1975.

1973 would be a close second for me. 1971 in third.

1. Physical Graffiti came out. It's my favorite Zeppelin album, and their all-around best in my opiinon.

2. I also like the concerts I've seen and heard from 1975. It also seemed to be the peak of their prime and popularity. I loved the set lists from that time, and love watching the Earls Court performances from that year.

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