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Which member are you most like?


Which Led Zeppelin member are you most like?  

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    • Jimmy Page
    • John Paul Jones
    • John Bonham
    • Robert Plant

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Uhh... You do know that Jimmy isnt Chinese, right? So hopefully you were kidding..

And if you were sorry, for ruining it.. :mellow:

Someone had to say it. So, unfortunately, it's one less thing they have in common with Jimmy. Oh, well...

I'm pretty much like all of them - as we all have heads. That's about it.

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I'm mostly like Jimmy. :)

He's shy apart from when he is with his friends.

I would have to say Jimmy too. I'm still sort of shy too, except with friends. I also am an only child, very punctual and artistic.

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Robert Plant.

I love to sing and act..

I like his fashion taste..

I'm a girl..Therefore a little girly like him? *Shrug* .. :P

And though yet..

I play the bass, and am shy..Keep to myself for the most part..

Hard question!

Maybe if I had more to base it off of!

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Jimmy because I'm dark, mysterious, & misunderstood (not to mention strung-out a lot of the time). Fastinated with the darker side...

Jonesy because I'd rather stand in the background.

Robert for fashion (I wear some crazy stuff sometimes...) I also find myself doing Plantations in every day activities.

And Bonzo because if I get started, I can be kinda wild sometimes

There's a little Zeppelin in all of us :D

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I'm probably the most like to Jimmy Page. I play guitar too, Jimmy Page is my favorite guitar player, we both like Gibsons, I like his technique and style the most... Few people even call me Jimmy or Jimi, probably because they're my favorite guitar players. I never liked nicknames so much but it's OK. :D

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Jimmy Page I think...

Because of my interest in occult (before I even heard of Led Zep):D

And I'm sometimes shy,but it's a different story when I'm hanging out with my friends.

However, I share the same taste when it comes to fashion as Robert.Khm...?

Am I dressing like men?...Or he dresses like women..Never mind.

Also I like Tolkien a lot but his books inspired me to draw,not sing.

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I think i'm most like Jimmy Page with a little JPJ on the side (he's also a Capricorn)

Born on his birthday Jan. 9, 1960 - Thus both Capricorns

My rising sign of Cancer is Jimmy's moon

Both into astrology

Both into history

Both into exotic fish/ and aquariums

Both perfectionists (thats not always a good triat)

Both love Led Zeppelin

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It's a hard choice between Plant and Page, but in the end I think Page takes the cake. While I harbor qualities of Plant's flamboyant and eccentric personality, I'd have to say that the likeness of Page's attributions are far more relatable. From what I can see, he's fairly introvert, mysterious and likes to explore untouched areas (accordingly to the genre). Plus, both of them are pretty big Elvis fans, granted I'm not sure what the rest of the band's opinions are.

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Well... musically.. has to be Robert : I assist my young son's guitar playing but otherwise I'm nowhere on any instrument, whereas I love singing, and also sing in public though in quite a different context ..

But this thread doesn't seem to be about musical similarities... so, personality? I am totally not one bit like Robert, Bonzo or JPJ . Better go for JP then.

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i used to love bonham the most ... but as soon as i started playing the guitar, i began to appreciate Jimmy more and more .... not because of his shy smile or his cute expressions .. but because of the fact that he is the greatest guitarist in the history of the human kind ... the guy's skills are extraordinary !!!

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