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I'm sure there are topics exactly the same as this one, but hey, i couldn't find them! I've just finished reading stairway to heaven for the hundreth time, and it just makes me more desperate to see them live! I didn't get to see them at the Ahmet tribute gig, unfortunately, i was gutted. They're in a different class to most of the rock bands that have ever been, they were just incredible! I'm just gutted i'll probably never see them live, when they're at their best!

So, a plea from me, for my generation who have listened and loved all of your music, who have found inspiration in the lyrics and the pure quality of music, for us. You were always at your best live, you can once again, it's not too late....just think how many people you would reach and what you'd achieve, not in monetary terms or anything else than pure accomplishment and the feeling you'd get from knowing everyone there was living out a dream, to see you live.

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