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Marillion invite you to make a You Tube video & win £5000!

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Details here:


Marillion's Whatever is Wrong With You? Video Contest

Marillion are giving you the chance to win £5000 AND giving away a brand new song FOR FREE

Download a special edit of the BRAND NEW song Whatever is Wrong With You? now - then use it as the soundtrack to your OWN video.

What kind of video? Well it can be absolutely ANYTHING you want it to be - we don't want to limit your choices by even suggesting something. Just make something that YOU want to make: funny, interesting, serious, mysterious - but something that EVERYONE would want to watch! Then upload it to YouTube... and this is where the £5000 comes in.

The video you upload to YouTube MUST be called "Marillion - Whatever Is Wrong With You". The contest will run until the end of the Happiness is the Road Tour 2008, and on December 1st the video with the most views will win the £5000 cash Grand Prize - it's that simple. The better your video, the more people will watch it, and the more chance you have of winning.

In addition to the Grand Prize, we will also be giving a special Spot Prize to the video we (Marillion) think is the best, regardless of how many views it gets.

There are terms and conditions that will apply - all of these, contest rules, and of course the new track 'Whatever is Wrong With You' as an MP3 are available below!

The new Marillion double album Happiness Is The Road (which includes Whatever is Wrong With You?) is due out in Autumn 2008, and is available to pre-order only from www.marillion.com/preorder.

Contest Rules (In a Nutshell)

1. Full terms and conditions apply. Please read them thoroughly!

2. Download the 'Whatever is Wrong With You?' MP3 below

3. Make your own video of ANYTHING you want to with the new track Whatever is Wrong With You? as the soundtrack.

4. The song must be the ONLY audio used in your video; do not alter the song in any way either by editing, adding additional material, or overdubbing vocals, speech, or other audio.

5. Upload your video to YouTube and name it 'Marillion - Whatever is Wrong With You?' with the tags 'Marillion', 'Contest', 'Music', and 'Rock'. Videos uploaded with different titles or missing the tags will not be eligible for the contest Grand Prize.

6. By uploading your video to YouTube you will need to create a YouTube account and abide by all their website Terms of Use - full details of these and how to register are available on www.youtube.com

7. The video with the most 'views' (as calculated by YouTube) at 0:01 GMT on 1 December 2008 will be awarded the Grand Prize.

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I had heard that apparently their fans had funded one of their tours to the -united states through ticket sales or something.

But -los lobos has been around a long time and just got out of their record contract and went into the internet sales and sefl promotion, it seems like the best thing to do for many bands out there.

And hey, something like, that gets the fans involved...pretty cool idea.

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