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Zeps worst song?


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well, it's a tad ( :rolleyes: ) overplayed, but it's not a bad song. :D

I love Hats.. !! how could anyone not! :blink::P

I don't think there are 'bad' songs by LZ.. or songs that I'd not like.. hmm.

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There was never a really bad song, but hot dog isn't exactly assblowing. By the way, I think, Carouselambra is one of their best songs, their tribute to prog rock.

You see, how different opinions can be; and every is right!

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Wish i could understand the hatred for The Crunge. I love that song...really, really love it.

2 songs i could do without are All MY Love and Darlene. I don't hate them nor are they remotely "bad" pieces but i could do without.

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All bands have done at least one shit song. Even Led Zeppelin. For me, Hot Dog tops the list, although there's quite a few others I can do without.

I love Hot Dog!!.It reminds me of people I knew years ago, and people I still know well today!

The lyrics seem timeless now. and describe many people I have met on lifes journey.

And,of course, there is nothing wrong with enjoying a bit of rockabilly!

Several people have mentioned the Crunge.I first heard it in 1975 as a 7 year old and loved it!

I think less of it these days because it seems a bit throw-away.

I actually listened to the Crunge only a few nights ago,and it is not actually as bad as we think it is!.

As far as I am concerned, Led Zeppelin never put a foot wrong,apart from in the very early days when Robert forgot to change the words!.

I think the ultimate question is weather Led Zep is a decent Rock Band.

We all know the answer to that!

They were indeed also a fully capable Folk band at all times, and according to legend,even embraced Punk,even when Punk itself went out its way to try and destroy them!.

Reggae was propably something they should have steered clear of though!.They may have been enthusiastic,but only here did they reveal a limitation.

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Ozone Baby and Darlene. Ugh.

Yes,but these both come from an album that wasn't meant to be.I actually enjoy both those items myself,along with Wearing and Tearing,Poor Tom, or We're Gonna Groove,but I take it for was it was intended to be.

A Coda.

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