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Where y'all from?

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... We-ell, i can't really think of anything else to say so uh, Finland. :blink:

I'm from Finland too. I live in a village in Eastern Finland with about 6000 other people. The village is called Kerimaki. It's "famous" for having the biggest wooden church in the world. I've introdouced Led Zeppelin to pretty much my every friend here and so far almost all are liking it.

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The South Bay, Los Angeles, CA like it says there to the left B) . . . I live about 20 miles south and east of the "Riot House", about 9 miles south of the Fabulous Forum, and about 5 miles west of Long Beach Arena . . . except for 6 glorious months spent in Honolulu, HI and 3 1/2 years in Long Beach, have lived my entire life(40 yrs. :o ) in various South Bay cities . . .

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Mexico of course The Land Of Freedom

Tuxpan, Veracruz state

I live here (satellite pic):




Everybody is welcome in Mexico, nice girls come....

Elohim, Elohim Oh Lord I summon you, sacred wisdom come...

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Another exiled Lancastrian here! :wave:

I was born just outside Blackpool in Lancashire, but as of tomorrow (when I get the keys to my new house :cheer: ) I will reside at Penistone in South Yorkshire.

For those that don't know, Penistone (I know, silly name) is also home to this fair young lady:



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