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Mark Knopfler at the Mann in Philadelphia 7/26/08


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Great show from one of rock's most underrated guitar gods. Very tasty licks with some beautiful jams. His band was fantastic esp. on the bluegrass themed songs. I personallly would love to see MK tour with Clapton.

1. Cannibals

2. Why Aye Man

3. What It Is

4. Sailing to Philadelphia

5. True Love Will Never Fade

6. The Fish and the Bird

7. Hill Farmers Blues

8. Romeo & Juliet

9. Sultans of Swing

10. Marbletown

11. Postcards From Paraguay

12. Speedway at Nazareth

13. Telegraph Road


1. Brothers in Arms

2. Shangri-La

3. So Far Away

4. Theme from Local Hero

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