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I wanna say thanks...


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Maybe is because im happy (don't know way :huh::D ), but like the Title says I wanna say thanks.

Has already spent more than nine months since I joined this forum. I have learned so much and not just about music ... The truth is that I feel very comfortable being part of this grup of fans. Until some time ago I thought that I was the only Argentine in here, but then I found a female fan of Led Zeppelin also from argentina. Way I say this? Because I like that there's no discrimination or racism around here. You know, the issue of nationalities ...

This might seem cursi ... is fine .. Don't care.

I think I need a psychologist (female :shifty: ) to talk about my feelings lately... ;)

So thanks to all boys and girls...

Have some drinks on me now, but the feelings are true.... :beer:

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I know i actually feel the same way, i just started really getting into then recentley and i didn't know much about them and no-one else i knew knows about them or hasn't even heard of them but yeah ever since i have joined this place i know more and more about them every day.

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