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interesting advertisement for HOB on Foriegner minus Jason

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I was reading the new issue of LAweekely and noticed in the hob ad for foriegner show on oct 24,2008 that Jason Bonham is missing from the pic in the Ad .,MAybe who knows but interesting that only one original in foreigner and the rest of the band is shown - but not jason link here>>>>>>>>>>>HOB AD

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Management may have found it to be disingenuous to use Jason's image for a concert he will not perform at. He was replaced for a series of gigs in January whilst taking a break.

integrity is not unusual for the house of blues as far as truth in advertising.

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Interesting. Although we shouldn't jump to conclusions. The last absence of Jason from the Foreigner drum stool in June for two dates was purely due to family committments.

Just as a matter of interest, here is the original photo...it's like Back To The Future all over again! Who's next to fade away??:lol:


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Foreigner are due here on Sept 23rd, and the poster does NOT show Bonham. :huh:

I have nil interest unless Bonham is with them.

I wish promoters would be more honest.

Some of the older bands claiming the original name with, one, maybe two original members.

RIPOFF! :angry:

But if I find out he will be there, I'd go, for sure! :)

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