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Re-posting this since it got lost in the needless crap:

I want the underwater ones. Will. Go. Now. Must. Have. Medicine.

How about underwater shots of him swimming backstroke and freestyle?



....and here's some butterfly with shots of him swimming underwater:

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Am I finished?

Why dont you address the post where you accused Raging Spirit of saying ALL swimming events were in the ocean. When in fact you said ALL events were in the pool.

I find it funny that you evade that. Do you have a hard time admitting being wrong?

You accuse him of exactly what you said, albeit the opposite point. Ocean - Pool :lol:

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Misty May clowning around in her downtime was pretty funny. I like her, but I LOVE her name. I want that name.

Was it the segment with her dancing on -the great wall? that was good. it was cool to see her lighter side, after seeing her serious playing and her story and all, putting her mom's ashes on the court after the last olympics.

There were alot of good segments as well.

My earlier comment/complaint was specifically about the food segments on nbc. it seemed to be done for western shock value. would have been good for them to approach it in an educational way, instead of an entertaining way. if you ever watch anthony bourdain, it can be educational and entertaining, with some cool cultural background too.

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