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Pittsburgh 2/1/75


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damn. thats too bad.

I'd like to get the show.

the pictures I have seen from it look cool.

somebody i know was there too, one of my teachers.

Perhaps someone can attest to it being hoarded, but regardless it is not in circulation.

A surprising state of affairs really, given the extensive amount of audience recordings available from other concerts around this time.

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There are no audio/video sources from this concert known to exist. However, concert reviews published in the local press confirm the concert was held.

This show did happen (2/1). My uncle was at it.

There has been, however, an ongoing question of whether a second date was added and played.

For the record, my uncle said the band sounded like shit. It's very probable - Plant was still recovering from the flu, and Page's finger still had not healed properly.

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