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But to say Eli sucks is ridiculous.

Me and my friends were saying it enough, yesterday. That was some miserable performance. Not just the interceptions, which can happen to any QB, and he had a good run of not doing that - but the weakness and inaccuracy of most of his throws. A good effort by the Giants team in general, wasted. Just like what happened to the Vikings.

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Nobody seems to want to give the Eagles defense credit.

The Eagles are known primarily for their aggresive defense. But they gave up quite a few yards on the ground to the Giants, as I expected. I thought the no name Giants receivers did a better job of getting open than expected, and there was even some blown coverages. Manning did nothing with his opportunities in this game, he must have been wearing a pair of these new "mantyhose" I've been reading about...

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Well who do you like to win in the two title games? I still cant believe the Cardinals are hosting the NFC title game. I wonder how many fans they will have their? Ill bet that a third of the fans will be cheering for the Eagles.

I like to see strong defensive teams, and believe this should dictate who advances. The Cardinals certainly are a suprise, and Warner should give them a bigger challenge than the last two QBs, but they could revert anytime. So yes, I expect the Eagles to win. I'd enjoy either the Steelers or Ravens in the Super Bowl, they're both exciting defensively.

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E-A-G-L-E-S......... EAGLES!!!

Man... im so damn happy to see the Eagles fighting for the NFC Title vs. Arizona.

Keep the good work...

Yucon!!! whats up my friend... i see that you're with us this year... thanks for join us (this Playoff)!

cheers!!! :beer:

And here's another great #22........



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Where in the name of Argentina is Eagles87? The big game is coming. Must I do all the trash talkinig for you?

Some people believe that trash talking before the big game is bad luck. Or maybe he's worried that Westbrook will be stuffed again all game?

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