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link to led zeppelin's phisical graffiti era!

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I have this. It can be found in several places, like the 11 disc Antrabata tapes.

How many times have you been blasting Antrabata and you hear this loud "SCREEEEEEEEEACH"?

It hurts.

I guess that's why they called them bootlegs.

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You just have to find them!

I'd tell you the site I go to but then that site might not exist one day.


They need to have a course on how to find bootlegs.

It could be at a rock university and you could even take guitars101.


Yeah, that would be sweet.

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I know discussing bootlegs is frowned upon but can someone PM me on where to find Brutal Artistry or Antrabata?


Though I already have them, I took a second to do a search, just to see what came up. Found one in about that long.

I'm not an advocate of trading/downloading outtakes however. I know, I know, that's easy for me say because I already have them! Well, what am I supposed to do? Burn em on princliple? :lol:

I don't trade anymore anyway. I got burned out on it. I quit after what Jimmy said during the court case in Scotland. Unlike bootlegs of public concerts, these items were stolen from Jimmy Page's home among other places. That's way different from Millard sticking a tapedeck under a wheelchair, and rolling into the Forum! :beer:

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