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Random Picutre Thread


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Speaking of pictures of old-school guitars, I found a really interesting book in my school's library called Southern Exposure: the Story of Southern Music in Pictures and Words by Richard Carlin that's basically a collection of pre-war photographs of people playing instruments, including some famous musicians like Muddy Waters.

What makes it interesting, though, is the commentary that goes along with the photos. Each text block is short and sweet, but it gives you an insight into the social relations and cultural landscape of the time just by analyzing the kinds of instruments the people are playing, what they're wearing, and where the picture was taken. Good stuff. And don't let Mr. Ethnomusicologist on Amazon stop you from taking a look at it - sure it's not doctoral thesis material, but for the average Joe like me, I thought it offered plenty of insight.


Lol, first pic I could find that wasn't of a guy. I mean, a hot one.

My guess is, it's not the cat.

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Like this one! Esp after hearing him on the Grammy's the other night - thanks!

That was the only part of the Grammys that my Hubby watched. Has this pic on the computer wallpaper. He started playing his guitar again a couple of years ago and he is a mechanic.

The pic seemed appropriate.

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This is a great shot Atlas - did you take it yourself? I lived in Moscow for a bit (a couple of different times) and have stood there lots! I may have the same pic somewhere!!

No. I never got further east than Regensburg. I posted that when the US was trying to stir up a conflict with the Russians in Ossetia. The MSM was trying to paint the Russians as barbaric thugs, so I decided to counter that. Plus, I really like the picture.

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