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Keith Shadwick


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This is very sad news. Of all the books I've read on Led Zeppelin, I would say his book is probably close to the best.


I posted in random last week that Zeppelin author Keith Shadwick had died - thought this link may be of interest and wanted to draw attention to the mesothelioma charity.


Hope this thread is OK here - didn't feel right to post about a death in the "trivia" section.

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Thanks for posting, Knebby.

I was very saddened to learn of his death. His book on Led Zeppelin is the best I've ever read, and it's written out of real love for music. He was obviously an unusual man. Back in 1967 he was playing sax, bebop and avant-garde jazz music, but when he heard Jimi Hendrix that year he became a fan, and later wrote a fabulous book about him. Aside from his books on Hendrix and Led Zeppelin, he wrote many books on jazz, and some on classical music too.

As Zappa said, "Music is the best".

Here's a picture of Shadwick in illness.


Rest in peace. B)

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